Friday, September 10, 2010

Dave Slave Bionic Bass

Hilatrious video featuring DAVE SLAVE (of SADISTIK EXEKUTION fame) ripping it up on the bass at Bloodlust 2005. Never seen someone use a microphone as a guitar pick? NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!!

Toxic Holocaust


And just for a laugh, a Toxic Holocaust sighting in Jackass 3D...

Inappropriate Metal Dancing Time

Ah, I just love these videos - sick metal songs played over dancing that seriously doesn't fit. That said, playing Cock and Ball Torture at my wedding would be bruuuutal! The "Slayer Goes To Church" one is especially hilarious.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Best of Drummers

Today I've got a nice roundup of some of the most insane metal drummers out there - Todd Hansen from THE BERZERKER, some bloke covering SUFFOCATION'S immortal track "Infecting the Crypts" and "Insanity of the Obsessed" by WARFACE. Let me see your warface!

Deathprank Mascot

Alright, alright, last post of the night I swear. What to people think of Olaf, Deathprank's mascot?

Skeletonwitch - New EP and Video!

Thrash masters SKELETONWITCH have just released "Worship the Witch" on ten sexy inches of vinyl - if that wasn't enough this shit is seriously limited! Get some!

* Black Wax - 400 Copies
* Yellow Wax - 200 Copies
* Blue Wax - 200 Copies
* Green Wax - 100 Copies (sold out through pre-order)
* Clear Wax- 100 Copies (available exclusively through the band)

If you still need convincing, check out their latest video, "Submit to the Suffering"!

This time it's those crazy Russians, KORROZIA METALLA! Now, the lyrics don't make a whole bunch of sense (even if you look them up) but these guys totally slay - check em out!